Labyrinth walking each day or each evening after work

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  • You may remember the strange mowings that began to appear on Sarratt Green in the Autumn  of 2014.  Sadly due to the exceptionally hot and dry summer in 2018 they did not appear last year.  Thankfully the weather has been kinder this year, so with a bit of luck the labyrinth will be there for all to see, and some of you will have already taken the opportunity to walk it.  The world’s  most famous labyrinth is at Chartres Cathedral in northern France.  It consists of 262 metres of pathway that twists and turns on itself leading to a centre; clear to see but without an obvious route. A labyrinth is not a maze, there are no wrong turns, and you can’t get lost.  The route in is the same as the route out, but the journey is different.  For centuries Christians have used labyrinths as an aid to prayer and a method of meditation.  Many who walk the labyrinth find it to be a  powerful spiritual experience, enabling them to engage in or deepen their relationship with God.   Whether you are a believer or not, walking the labyrinth gives you the opportunity to explore your spirituality, that other aspect of your being that busyness forgets.

    In previous years those who do not profess a faith have expressed surprise and delight at the impact of their walk.

    Each year Bob Shearer has created a special design for the Sarratt Labyrinth.  This year we thought there would be a repeat of 2018 with insufficient growth on The Green so a design was produced for Sarratt School using the geometry of the school logo, the Holy Cross cross, as  a starting point  The path is just under 150 metres, and the labyrinth will officially open on Sunday 8th September.  A guide to walking the labyrinth will be left in Holy Cross, Sarratt School, and the village shop.  There will be candle-lit prayers each evening at 7:30pm.
    Look out for posters around the village for further details.