We, the Junior Journalists, are on a mission –a mission to raise money for our beloved school. Have you ever tried to load a website or log on to your email only to be shown the ghastly message, “Error?” Well, that is a daily occurrence at Sarratt School. Do you know how frustrating it is to write our blog, with keys missing on our laptops! Luckily for you readers, we are a dedicated bunch! However, this cannot go on.

We have a vision, a digital vision. We want all children to get the maximum learning benefit from digital technology. We want all children to be confident and safe online and to start to learn the digital skills they need for life. We need your help to raise the funds for some shiny new Chromebook laptops.

We have spent some time interviewing the children at Sarratt to find out what impact the new Chromebooks will have on them. Most of children agreed that the time saved from not waiting 5 hours for our current laptops to load, will have a big impact on learning. Isaac (Year 2) said, “I want to be able to use the computers and not waste time.” Ella agreed, “It’s like pulling teeth, that aren’t even wobbly!” The children are excited about the new opportunities that the Chromebooks will bring and they are sure that this will make lessons more fun.

So now we need to make our plea. Please help us to raise the money we deserve for our education, for our future and for the future generations of Sarratt. To quote a famous supermarket, “Every little helps!” If you can give us £1 or £100 we will be delighted and extremely grateful. Visit our ‘Go Fund Me’ page at www.gofundme.com/cash-for-chromebooks . Even if you are unable to donate, maybe you could do some fundraising of your own like our Year 4 teacher, Mr Young, is doing.  He is going to be running 60k in 24 hours! We spoke to him to find out why on Earth he wanted to do that! He said, “I am passionate about raising the outcomes of our children and I see digital technology as being a key driver for this. I have ran competitively before so this is a personal goal as well as raising money for my beloved school!”

We have some fundraising ideas to get you started:

  • Sponsored silence (we nominate the teachers!)
  • Cake sale
  • Lemonade stalls
  • Fun runs

We hope we can count on you all to support our mission of Cash for Chromebooks! Spread the word using #cashforchromebooks, donate if you can and fundraise wherever you can!

Thank you

From the technology deprived Junior Journalists