Hi, have you ever had so much to look at that you walk into a door?

Well… that’s just what happened to our fellow junior journalist, Ella. We have been on a class trip to Merchant Taylors School, which has been transformed into a school of witchcraft and wizardry. We were split into two groups, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw.

We, the Junior Journalists, were in Hufflepuff. We started the day with some potion making and experiments in Chemistry. We made a cauldron of slime! It was very sticky! Next, we made clay models of the golden snitch and went on a treasure hunt in the enchanted forest.

A short break later, where Mrs Pinner and Mrs O’Hare had a chance to see the most spectacular staff room they have ever seen, we went into hat making. We all made a sorting hat that we got to take home, Mrs Pinner even made one for herself! Lunch was spent having a picnic in the glorious sunshine, the boys went to play a game of football (except for William, who had a sprained wrist!) and the girls sat under the beautiful blossom tree for a chat! The final part of our day was spent playing Quidditch. William was very disappointed that he couldn’t play because of his wrist!

We have all had a wonderful day at Merchant Taylors, we wish we could come here every day!