Pop-up café

Monday 12th November, 2018: The day the junior journalists were let loose from the confines of the school gates! We walked to the village hall to report on the pop up café; we were shocked to see so many people there!

We had the opportunity to interview some of the café goers and stall holders.

First, we interviewed Tracy Ford. China and paintings were being sold at her stall. She told us that she had sold 2 pieces of art and china and thought that it was a good idea to do the pop-up café because it promotes coming together as a village.

Charlotte Jade – an amazing artist – kindly gave us some beautiful notebooks with zebras on the covers. Charlotte also makes wonderful wallpaper – we, Diya and Ella, loved the pineapples the most and Josh loved the Zebra one.

Lastly, we interviewed Brian, who made the most amazing wooden bowls and dishes. He told us, “I wanted to do something to keep me busy after retiring.” Mrs Pinner really wanted one of his designs but he told us that his wife would not let him sell that particular piece because she loved it too! We found out that all of the artists were local to Sarratt, so if you loved their art as much as we did, then they won’t be hard to find!

We spoke to some of the people that were enjoying the homemade cake. We spotted Joan, a local resident, who had purchased some of our poppy artwork. We were glad to see who got to take home our pieces and we hope she will enjoy looking at them for years to come.

As we left, we bumped into Josh’s mum, who gave us some cookies, fresh from the oven! We had a great adventure and enjoyed seeing all of the art and the community coming together. Well done Sarratt!