My real kennel club name is Charlie Hartley Cha Cha Cha, a rescue dog rehomed by my current owners at 11 months and brought to……. where I found dog paradise in the back garden by Harrocks Wood chasing rabbits. I escaped across the road to the Steak House opposite, then started eating the skirting board of the newly painted kitchen and demolishing most of the plants and pots on the back terrace. At one point I was nearly sent back to the rescue centre!!

Luckily for me my mum had rescued 3 other German Shephard’s and fostered / rehomed 2 Akita’s via the charity (All Dogs Matter) Hence my prompt introduction to dog etiquette and social skills fitting for the small Hamlet we live in and The Woodland Trust’s guidelines for dogs!

I mostly to stick to the wood path and try not to trample on the bluebells in spring. Occasionally I am still tempted to chase squirrels and muntjacs; try as I will , I have yet to master climbing trees.

Now fully grown and trusted to walk to heel past the missionary church next door, towards the tracks and over the fields to Micklefield Green and Sarratt. Often chasing mum and dad on their bikes; one day I hope to have a bike of my own!

My favourite book is Mindfulness for Dogs by Sam Hart ( “Mindfulness is nothing new to dogs as this book demonstrates. Learn from your canine how to live in the present and approach every day with a calm and positive attitude.

My mum embraces this and has a passion for the great outdoors, The Japanese Akita’s tell me the art of Shinrin-Yoku – walking mindfully through woodland, is growing in popularity in the Uk often referred to as – Wood Bathing.

Sometimes mum allows me to join her with individuals and groups during “Talk as you Walk Mentoring” and Networking Sessions. The best part is the afternoon tea and treats on our return.

With spring just around the corner watch out for more details. You can also request to join us.  I will be sharing my adventures with you again soon….signing off for now.

Lots of clues in my blog…………can you guess where I live and who is my custodian?