Hello and welcome to the second season of Sarratt Youth Group, or STAG as it’s now officially known.

Last Sunday afternoon twelve intrepid explorers and some volunteer leaders took off to Borehamwood for a very energetic afternoon.
They turned up at Go Jump and the place was almost empty…. so they had a fantastic time jumping around!!
Phew.. all sounds a bit too energetic to me.
FYI…STAG now becomes the official name of the group, Sarratt Teens Activity Group. A logo was discussed by the group and with special thanks to Scott Betts, who created the visual impression, it has been professionally put together by Julie Francis at Bonsai and Co. Many thanks to Julie for spending her time on this at no cost. This logo will appear in various places and in due course we may go for t-shirts or sweatshirts to promote our identity.Regular Sunday sessions, will continue at 6.30- 8.30. The first hour will now offer two activity options to cater for the widest possible interests. The first will be baking/food preparation, an activity enthusiastically supported by the group when we asked them what they wanted to do going forward. The group who do this each week will be responsible for creating food for the whole group. All ingredients will be supplied. The second activity option during the first hour will sometimes be sporting, sometimes craft related.

The second half of the session will continue to be a chill out/hang out session including pool, table tennis, badminton, music streaming and just relaxing on the massive bean bags we have.

Another new venture is the introduction of support for Watford Foodbank. Supporting a foodbank was raised by the group last year and the Watford branch, in Imperial Way, is desperate for help. Food is issued by voucher only, such vouchers being provided by front line professionals such as GPs and social workers. It is highly regulated and makes sure support is provided to the most needy. You can check it out at https://watford.foodbank.org.uk/

So, we are asking the group to bring something each week (if they can) to put in our foodbank box. When the box is full we’ll take it to Imperial Way. I’m also looking into a representative of the foodbank coming to speak to the group and arranging a visit to Imperial Way see how it works.
These are the items that are most needed;
Long life milk
Long life juice
Tinned meat/fish
Tinned vegetables
Tinned rice pudding and custard
Tinned fruit
Individual sponge puddings
Other activities of note are;
Sunday October 28th
Half term, Sunday off!
Sunday 18th November
First Aid Course for the group, externally run with a certificate for successful completion. 5.30-8.30, more details nearer the time.
Bye for now!