SCCF is a new local Charity

The Hertfordshire Community Foundation give grants to organisations who help those in need across the County. Inspired by this, we have decided to set up a similar organisation to look after the needs of Sarratt and Chipperfield. We already have a culture of ‘looking after our own’ and good neighbourliness in these villages. We aim to build upon this.

This new organisation is called the Sarratt and Chipperfield Community Foundation (SCCF) and sets out to investigate and address issues and problems in both communities and assist in their resolution.

Both communities are comparatively well off but they still experience problems and troubling issues prevalent in British society. These include:
– the elderly: loneliness, dementia, care, fuel poverty, malnutrition, failing to cope, cyber crime
– the young: poor parenting, getting a job, cyber bullying, lack of confidence, lack of hope, mental health
– addiction: alcohol, drugs, gambling
– mental health
– the less well off and societal imbalance
– struggling families and parents
– housing
– isolation: neighbours no longer knowing each other.

SCCF sets out to tackle these issues by helping local organisations, charities, families and individuals with some financial support but also mentoring, advising and sharing knowledge amongst the community.

SCCF was established as a charity in January 2018 and we have spent this first year investigating needs and establishing links with relevant organisations in Sarratt e.g. Sarratt Care, Sarratt Parish Council (SPC). It makes sense to share resources with Chipperfield so that those with similar needs in either village can be helped together through shared efforts or resources.

Already there is contact over the Village Day in both villages where we have all said we would do nothing in 2019, Sarratt in 2020 and Chipperfield  in 2021. Thereafter we would hold the event in alternate years and coordinate efforts.

To date, SCCF has run a Freshers Fair for Sarratt village organisations, re-vamped the village website, revived Village Day on The Green, established monthly ‘Pop-up’ cafes in the village hall and distributed money to Sarratt Rebels (junior football club) and Friends of Holy Cross. We have recently set up and are funding a scheme, in association with SPC, to provide vulnerable elderly people with personal panic alarms. We have started in Sarratt but are actively investigating similar needs in Chipperfield.

The Sarratt and Chipperfield Community Foundation
Registration number: 1176905

Will Hobhouse, Roger Dudley, Angela Coakley.

For further information please contact Angela Coakley or e mail:  [email protected]