The necessary repairs to the electricity cables in Church lane will cause some disruption for those who live in Church lane and for those who use it as a cut through. The Freedom Group who are carrying out all the works are very keen to keep the disruption to our community to a minimum. 

All residents will have access to and from their property.  In an effort to alleviate some of the residents’ concerns and to minimise disruption on the day of the memorial (04/05), Church lane will now be re-opened at the end of the day on Thursday 29th March, will stay open over the bank holiday weekend and for the day of the memorial before being closed again on the morning of Thursday 5th April until works are completed.  The actual dig is only going down Church lane as far as Nobles/Little Nobles.

Should any further informaton be needed do not hesitate to contact : Andy Batista (Freedom Group) on : 07790 547843.