SCCF – A New Charity.

As High Sheriff I have visited many communities in Hertfordshire. The best of these have a culture of ‘looking after their own’ and good neighbourliness. In Sarratt we are lucky that there are many people who do this already.

The High Sheriff usually works with the Hertfordshire Community Foundation who give grants to bodies who look after different issues across the County and help those in need.

We have decided to set up the equivalent for Sarratt and Chipperfield.

Sarratt and Chipperfield Community Foundation sets out to investigate and address issues and problems in both communities and assist in their resolution.

Both communities are comparatively well off but reflect issues in British society which need attention

– the elderly: loneliness, dementia, care, fuel poverty, malnutrition, failing to cope, cyber crime
– the young: poor parenting, getting a job, cyber bullying, lack of confidence, lack of hope, mental health
– addiction: alcohol, drugs, exercise
– mental health
– the less well off
– struggling families and parents
– housing
– isolation: neighbours no longer knowing each other

SCCF sets out to support any of these issues by helping local organisations, charities, families and individuals with some financial support but also mentoring, communicating and sharing among the community. Starting with volunteers across the villages, SCCF explores where help is needed and where it can be provided.

The first year will be one of investigation and developing what is already there: website, village assets, Freshers Fair, village organisations, the village plan, village day, collaboration with the Parish Council, Sarratt Care, Spotlight and others. All costs will be covered by donors.

Will Hobhouse