I’m junior journalist Alf, and right now I’m home because I have very bad asthma so my doctor said I can’t go to school because of the corona virus. So I will write a blog here at home.

•Back at school, we were learning about the best way to wash your hands.

Mrs O’Hare taught us a song, sang to the tune of Row, Row, Row Your Boat.

It goes like this, “Wash, wash, wash your hands, make them nice and clean. Rub the bottoms and the tops and fingers in between.”

Look at SarrattSchool’s Twitter page to see the year one children singing it! @sarrattprimary

•As you know, the junior journalists are Ambassadors for the Small Acts Of Kindness charity. At the moment, kindness is very important.

If you think somebody you know is lonely or worried at this time please let the school office know and I will send them an email to say hello. This could really cheer them up!
I’m stuck at home too so I know how they feel!

Thank you Alf …. lovely to hear you are getting better. XXX

Reinforcing the importance of hygiene in Year 1. Sing two times through while washing your hands. #handwashing #StayHealthyEveryone  https://t.co/u3vnVnCbL1