Our Very Own Author

Sarratt School has its own publisher Frank; he was influenced by all of the book making they do in Year 2. He has made a book called the Four Boys with ideas coming from his friends: Zach, Blake and Arlo. With help from his Grandad’s computer, and Frank himself, the book was illustrated! This book took 18 exciting weeks and it is a thrilling jungle adventure. It sounds like an amazing book to us and hopefully to you!

The Four Boys tells the story of  Zach, Blake, Frank and Arlo, who lived in the Jungle. They wanted to collect wood for their fire and find an electricity source but, as they lived in the jungle, they couldn’t find any. Luckily, they had wood and started constructing their fire but the animals did not like this and were terrified so they destroyed the boys’ home and made them run away!

It is an amazing story with some fun twists and turns. I hope that he gets many book sales and you will all have a chance to read this book for yourself. Hopefully he can make it into a fantastic series of books! Good luck to Frank with getting more of your books out on the shelves of stores , supermarkets and houses. We hope to be seeing them in the school library soon.

Mrs Haley Pinner
Teaching Assistant