Niamh Keane

Sarratt School had a visitor: Niamh Keane, an Aerobic Gymnast. Niamh has a tumor behind her right eye which swells up every once in a while and there is nothing that can fix it, but she still strives to be the best that she can be. She competed in national finals last year and came first as an individual! She also won the group (5 people) and trio (3 people) finals. Niamh has 85 medals over her entire lifetime, and 40 of them are gold. She did a workshop with each of the classes incorporating painful stretches and an entertaining backflip into fun and engaging sessions. She took all classes.

Niamh Keane started gymnastics when she was just 2, as her mum worked as a gymnastics coach. She won her first competition at age 4 (it was a club competition) and started doing serious gymnastics when she was twelve. This year, she got her own Team GB kit – one of her earliest aspirations. She has 5 trophies in her room.

Though she is just 21, she has had many injuries such as a broken arm and torn ligaments. She said that, “Sometimes my grandma overtakes me on the stairs! It’s a bit embarrassing, actually.”

We would like to say thank you to Niamh on behalf of Sarratt School, and congratulations on all her fabulous achievements!

The Junior Journalists