Happy New Year from the Junior Journalists

Firstly, we would like to wish you all a very happy new year!

We started our first week back at Sarratt School with Health and Fitness week. This included many activities to improve our personal wellbeing. The first was meditation, where the class sat in complete silence, being peaceful and reflecting on our days. The whole school have started a new fitness class that we do 1 or 2 times a day called Fitter Future. Today we made smoothies powered by bikes which the school rode. One of the activities was fruit tasting, the other riding the ‘smoothie bikes’ – half-way through, we swapped to the other activity.

During lessons, pupils are taking turns on the exercise bike in the corridor. As a school we are trying to see how far we can travel altogether! At the time of writing, we had clocked up an incredible 93.51 kilometers. With this this we could reach Northampton ( that’s on the way to Scotland!) We rode for  3-4 minutes each.

In class, the pupils of Year 5 had to calculate how much sugar is in different drinks, and represent the data in a bar chart. Upper KS2  were also required to create an exact replica of the Eatwell guide, the guide of how to eat.

Happy New Year everyone!

 Diya, Ella & Josh (The Junior Journalists)