Hello, Ava here (Junior Journalist)


I hope you are all well and trying to stay positive in our 3rd lockdown.

I just want to say how I feel about home learning and what I enjoy about it and what I dislike about it, plus much more .

When I am doing home learning I feel positive because as much as I don’t like lockdown I realise that I am helping the vulnerable by staying home and washing my hands, which then helps the NHS and saves lives. What I enjoy about home learning is all the zoom calls\facetime and when people forget they are on mute and that makes me giggle. I also like to hear what everyone is doing and the photos that are sent in particularly the photos of the cats in tuxedos. What I dislike about home learning is that at the moment the only time I do get to see my friends is on zoom\facetime.

What I am missing about school is getting to do lessons face to face with the teachers and TA’s.

And that’s all for now, happy new year!

Thank you Ava for making us smile!