Welcome to our New Junior Journalists reporting for the Sarratt Parish website.

They are gifted and excited with lots to share from our village School in Sarratt.

Ivy – Sarratt News Journalist

  My name is Ivy and I am elated to be part of the Junior Journalists team!

I live in Sarratt on The Briars. I used to live in Pinner and go to St John Fisher School. I live with my mum, dad, brother ( Josh ) and my aunt. I have a dog called Charlie, a cat called Stella and I used to have two budgies called Tweety and Sky. I will soon get another cat called Alfie! I am so excited.

My favourite colors are coral pink and turquoise. I  swim for Hillingdon Swimming Club and dance at Hannah Marie Dance Academy. I love taking photos with my camera. My aunt taught me how to take pictures because she is a photographer! I love all animals. I play the piano and my favourite piece is, I hear what you say.

Bella – Sarratt Snapper

 Hi, I’m Bella and I am so glad to be part of the new junior journalist team. I take part                                                             as a photographer as I take practice in camera club.

I live in chorleywood with my Mum, Dad, brother and a cute dog called Willow. I used to live in Kings Langley when I was six until we moved out.

I love swimming, playing the piano, playing football, art and seeing all of my favourite friends. As I love art, I inspire myself to come up with ideas to decorate the house with lots of lovely colours. My favourite colours are turquoise, pink and yellow. I also love Fennec Foxes, Red Pandas and horses. I love so many more animals though which made it a very tough decision.

Skye – Sarratt News Journalist

    Hello my name is Skye. I am the new Junior journalist and I am so excited for a                                                                  new adventure.

I  Live with my mum, dad, my little brother and my one year old sister. I also live with my cat Simba and my dog Wilson.

In my spare time I like to sing and dance. I also enjoy watching videos on how to play the guitar. I like to watch documentaries about snakes and reptiles. My favourite animals are snakes, crocodiles and sharks. I’m really looking forward to writing my new piece of Journalism.

From Skye

Jasper – Creative Journalist

Hello and I am so thankful that I am part of the Junior Journalist.This is a couple                                                               of paragraphs about me and my hobbies and what I like.

My hobbies are:Football, Cycling, Writing, Swimming, Computing and Maths. I could also put in some other stuff but however I decided just to go for that.

My favourite colour are red, black and gold. For my football the team that I support is West Ham United.Still in football the club that I participate in is Chorleywood FC and soon going to be Sarratt School as well.I also like learning about the war and major topics that go around the world as well.

I am glad to be part of the junior journalists!!

Eve – Creative Journalist

Hello, I’m Eve.

My job in the Junior Journalist team is Creative Journalist .

I enjoy walking my dog and playing with her. I also like drawing in my spare time. My favourite subjects are History,

(I like the Georgians, Victorians and Ancient Greece), English and Science.

I can’t wait to get started. Thank you Mrs Pinner!

 Nathan – Sarratt Snapper

Hello, I’m Nathan. I’m 9 years old and like pictures and beaches. My favorite food is                                                          burgers, fruit salad and more. I like English, maths, science and more
(: I also Forgot I love to be a junior journalist.)

Daisy-Jess – Photo Editor

  Hi, I’m Daisy.

I am part of the new junior journalists. I edit peoples work and choose the photos taken by the Sarratt snappers. I am so excited to start our assignments. I am so glad and grateful I am part of this year’s team.

I live with my mum, dad, my little sister (who is 7 and a half months) and my dog called Trigger. He is a black labrador who is 5 years old. I do lots of clubs such as gymnastics, netball, cubs and swimming. My favourite strokes are backstroke and front crawl. I also play piano in my free time. My favourite colours are mint and all pastel colours. I live in Adefield and I used to live in Croxley. I went to boys and girls nursery where my mum worked before I joined the school in ducklings. I love Sarratt school and all my friends and teachers.

What a great team we have for the new year!!!