January Update from the Community Garden

The first month of the year is a time of resolutions, of making plans and looking forward. As the rain batters the windows and the seasonal ponds are replenished, it can feel unrealistic, if not outright foolish to be drawing up planting plans, counting future harvests, and allowing for potential drought.
But Spring is just around the corner! We’ve had the winter solstice, after which the days start to lengthen again, and it won’t be long until there are visible signs of post-winter life, beginning with the snowdrops and aconites that we so look forward to.

The Community Garden is looking well prepared for another productive year, with plenty of rainwater, a dry space to store equipment, and a fantastic team of volunteers. There are no major changes planned, rather an increased efficiency and productivity where possible. We will be continuing our partnerships with Mission EmployAble and Sarratt School, both of which are a total joy, and you’ll be able to find our fresh, nutritious, and delicious produce in Sarratt Stores and at the Sunday Markets. The Garden is now a registered ‘Community Interest Company’ which means it operates largely as a standard company, generating its own income, but any profits must be ploughed back into the community that it serves, namely Sarratt Parish and Mission EmployAble.

Being registered as a C.I.C also means that we can have a bank account and run things in a transparent and regulated way.
Huge thanks go to SCCF ( Sarratt and Chipperfield Community Foundation) for acting as our bank for the last few years – the whole project would have collapsed without their backing.

If you have requests for us to grow anything particular, now is the moment to get in touch! This year we’d like to offer a DIY wedding/party flowers option, where you can buy a few bucketfuls of fresh, organic flowers and foliage to arrange yourselves – as you know we already grow a wide variety of
colours and sizes, but it’s not too late to put in a request.. Likewise if you have a passion for golden beetroots, tangy tayberries or purple beans – speak up!