Bake Sale

Friday 25th March 2022 performed an amazing bake sale for the Sarratt School community. Isabella(Y5), Daniella(Y5), Izzy(Y5) and Jack G(Y5) all hosted a fantastic bake sale. There was a combination of Cookies, Cupcakes, Gingerbread Men and Apple Cake all for £1 . Because of them, we raised an amazing £433for Ukrainian refugees because of the conflict that is going on between Russia and Ukraine right now.

How Much did they Raise

We can’t believe how much they raised. £433  is an amazing amount!. It seemed to be an amazing Bake sale too from all that I spoke to. Everyone said how yummy the cakes were.

How did they do it

Thanks to some amazing baking skills and dedication they were able to make a fantastic Bake sale. Not only was it the boys and girls who did it, there were also some mums that helped during that time. They were there for 1 and a half hours just selling cakes and other savoury items. I wish that they would send the rest out to the others in the Sarratt Community so they could taste how good it was.