Sarratt Community Garden – MONDAY 19TH OCTOBER – Can You Help???

We start on Monday the 19th of October with the clearing of this year’s crop and preparation for the winter and next spring. We have sessions planned for Tuesday 20th and Wednesday 21st of October.

We plan two sessions each day – one starting at 10.00 and a second one starting at 1.30.  If you have any time and some energy please let me know! As we are limited by law to 6 people at a time I need to organise our work force carefully over the three days.

We really could do with some DIY Experts as well to help us take down the leaning greenhouse, repair if possible the garage doors and the taking down and reassembling of a poly tunnel.

Our mission is to grow organic fruit, vegetables and flowers to sell in the shop. And to provide a beautiful and productive place for local people.

A small group have come together to help Grainger and Tracey turn the yard and the garden behind the Community Store into a community space for activities and get togethers in the outdoors.

The shop is currently selling produce that has been grown in the back garden. This is the first year this has been done and has been successful. Thanks to the hard work of Grainger, Tracey and many volunteers. Grainger and Tracey would like to continue growing garden produce next year and increase the production and types of produce. This requires getting help and being organised.

On Tuesday 15th September a group of us filled a skip to clear away the rubbish that had accumulated.

It has been decided to form a Friends of the Community Garden to raise money for this project and provide help as needed. Will Hobhouse has agreed to be the Chairman, Flo Garvey as the Garden team leader, with me ( Alan Milsom)  Grainger, Angela Coakley and Tracey as committee members. Will Hobhouse has promised that the Sarratt and Chipperfield Community Foundation will match every pound donated or raised up to £1,000. This will enable the committee to invest in garden equipment and climate friendly fertilizers and other such items.

We are looking for members who will help with  the work in the garden. It is anticipated that we will need a big surge at this end of the season to clear the garden . Monday 19 October has been earmarked for this and to get it ready for the winter. Another big surge in the spring and in the summer regular support to keep the weeds down and, most importantly , to pick the produce when it is at its best.

We do need garden equipment in reasonable condition – please see the list below. Do you have, or do you know anybody, who  has garden equipment that is tucked away in a garden shed that is no longer being used. If so please let me know, but of quality please if to be of any real help

Equipment needed

Wheelbarrow 1 – Garden fork x 5 – Spades x 2 – Hand forks x 6 – Hoe x 4 – Hose attachment for spraying 1 – Buckets x 4 – Secateurs x 4 – First aid kit x 1 -Bamboo canes and hazel rods x 40 – Kneelers x 6 – Angle irons x 20 – 30 – Wide gauge squared fencing wire – Blackboard and Twine.We start on Monday  19 October with the clearing of this year’s crop and preparation for the winter and next spring. We have sessions planned for Tuesday 20 and Wednesday 21 October.

PLEASE  – Donate towards the garden – Just go to  and donate by card payment.
Use reference : community garden

Please give your contact details to Alan Milsom  – [email protected] if you wish to help by gardening / doing projects / DIY or other activities as they come up (there are ranges of jobs to do: both quite physical and less so)

Please register to help during the week of 19th October  with either  Angela or Alan at –

[email protected]  or  [email protected]