We are back! Welcome to our new Junior Journalists… Introducing: Rafi, Darcy and Dylan.

Hello, my name is Rafi and I have been nominated as a year 5 junior journalist. Being a junior journalist is an amazing opportunity you can do everything from writing blogs to interviewing people, oh, and did I mention the free cake . I can’t wait for all the amazing things in store for me, bye for now Rafi.

Hello, my name is Darcy O’Brien. I am a junior journalist and I am in Year 5. I am excited to unleash the wonders of being a junior journalist. But what I am most excited about is investigating and interviewing our local community. I am also looking forward to trying the cake at the pop up cafe because I love to bake! Thank you for this opportunity. Darcy

Hello, my name is Dylan and I’m a junior journalist in Year 5 with a great ability for writing.

I am  excited to show my passion for writing. What I’m looking forward to the most is interviewing people

in Sarratt school and the wider community and I’m also looking forward to seeing how people in our school think about this school.

This is a fun opportunity. Thank you, Dylan

Mrs Haley Pinner BA Hons

Year 2 Teacher 

Sarratt Church of England School