This week at Sarratt (11th February to the 15th) is problem solving week! Each class have their own set of problems to solve. Everyone at Sarratt is excited about this and we know all of our readers will too! We interviewed students to find out what they were doing:


  • Y1 were solving problems based on the Hungry Caterpillar.

  • Y2’s problem solving is a based on The Tunnel by Anthony Brown, they made models out of marshmallows and spaghetti! In maths, they were finding the missing number.

  • Y3 made a volcano out of a plastic bottle and tried to make it erupt.

  • Y4 were finding different ways to make 30m (the size of a blue whale!)

  • Y5 were looking at space nappies for men and women.

  • Y6 had to decide which missing thing they should save, based on the book ‘Heremlin: The Mouse Detective’.

During this week, the majority of us have learnt a new skill or at least developed on one. For instance, Chrissie in Y5 says she has developed on her teamwork. Isabel says she has learned questioning and Max says he has began to stand up for ideas to make something better. What problems have you solved this week??

By your friends

 The Junior Journalists