Refreshing Rhubarb Cordial, perfect with cold fizzy water (or a splash in white wine or gin)

I am very pleased with my Rhubarb Cordial this year! It is great with cold fizzy water and a squeeze of lemon! However, it is also pretty good with cold dry white wine, or gin, with ice, lots of ice!


450g Rhubarb (washed)

300g sugar

300ml water (filtered water is best here as tap water can make the cordial look cloudy)

1 lemon (juice and peels)

1 orange (juice and peels)

1 or 2 slices of fresh ginger


  1. Chop the Rhubarb sticks, squeeze the juices from the orange and the lemon and keep their peels.

  2. Add all ingredients in a pot and gently bring to boil. Do not press the fruits as the citruses might release a bitter taste.

  3. Once the Rhubarb is soft and falling apart, remove from the heat and sieve through a Muslin cloth.

  4. Keep in a bottle in the fridge for about 1 month or if you would like to make some for later on in the year, pour the hot cordial immediately into a sterilised bottle and close with a lid. The heat from the cordial should seal the bottle 😊

Use approximately 25ml of cordial to 100ml of fizzy water. This cordial is not too sweet (I always reduce the amount of sugar I should use).


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