Sabre says “check this out!”

A dog water barrell and not just for St Bernard’s!
We recently visited the Engineer’s watering hole after my owner invited me to a “Talk and Walk” Mentoring Session on the common with another human – exploring their outdoor creativity!
While we were there we found a lost dog. With good old-fashioned community spirit dog and owner were soon re-united. Hertfordshire is well known for its community values and culture.
Watch out for more details of the Sarratt Village day Summer 2022  * Angela please add details……Great for canines and their best friends.
Remember dogs have natural mindfulness so during May – Mental Health Week/ Month follow in my footsteps and be more dog! Encourage others to join in too as loneliness is this years theme.
We are surrounded by amazing pubs & country walks in Sarratt and the surrounding area. On a warm day in a fur coat which is very thick, one needs water on tap! Remind your owners to carry water for both of you. There are other smaller versions, it does not need to be a barrell.
After my working visit to Harpenden, I was pleased to get back to the woods on my own doorstep, with its beautiful bluebell flora. My owner finds the woods comforting after her multipul family caring responsibilities. I  help her too bringing a smile to often sad & tired faces during visits.
 Early June marks – National Carers Week. The local charity that supports my owner most is Carers in Hertfordshire. Unpaid Family Carers forget to look after themselves- so give them a nudge as we canines do so well.
Carers in
Woof woof