Hi, Junior Journalists here

Last week, Thursday 10th  December, we went out to deliver bags to the elderly in Sarratt.

We filled their hearts and brought plenty of smiles. They looked very grateful when we gave them their bags to help them get through the Winter. They enjoyed the company. They were thrilled when we gave them the bags. They appreciated the thought as we were spreading cheer for Christmas.

Here is what was in the Winter Bags:

  •  Warm Blanket

  • Hot Chocolate

  • Mug

  • Soothing Activities/ Crayons

  •  Lots of Leaflets

  •  Hats,Gloves and Leg Warmers

  •  Protein Bar

  • Playing Cards

We felt proud to be helping people to stay safe in the cold. We enjoyed giving all the happiness around the Sarratt community.

We know it’s a hard time right now, but we wish you a very Merry Christmas.

Well Done !! Merry Christmas to you too.