Most of our walks start at The Cricketers Pub. Good food and good beer awaits those that complete the walk!

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Head up towards The Green past the duck pond and you’ll find a gravel drive on your left just short of the Village Shop. That takes you in a SW direction past a couple of whitewashed cottages into and across two fields (watch out for the Red Kites above!) and into a small copse. 200 yards further you reach a paved road (the driveway to the Rectory), go straight across through the kissing gate and head down into the valley.

At the valley bottom you reach another small paved road where you take a left, past a small terrace of old cottages on your left. After a short stretch of pathway the route opens up again into a field where you take a right to cross the River Chess on a small iron and concrete bridge. Head across the marshy field and straight into woods (not left or right) as you start to ascend the southernmost side of the Chess Valley towards Chenies. You emerge from the woods across a field, keeping your eye on the Chenies Baptist church.

Once in the village turn right on Latimer road and either follow this down to the village green or hook back right down the narrow path at the Red Lion Pub to find an off road route left to the village green.

At the village green head towards Chenies Manor (you won’t miss this 12th century treasure) – you’ll find a path that takes you right just short of the main gate. This leads towards more woods and a steep drop towards Chenies Bottom. Cross the road and watch for the footpath on your right at the old mill. This path takes you back alongside the River Chess towards the Cress Farm. There you take a left towards the Stables but at the farm gate take a path on your right uphill and through more woods.

The steep downhill through woods towards Chenies Bottom

The gentle downhill from Sarratt Village towards the Chess Valley floor.

River Chess offers a cooling dip for the dogs near The Cress Farm (Crestyl).

This track has much evidence of badgers and other wildlife and when you reach the top you will see Rosehall Farm where you swing right onto their driveway. As the driveway takes a sharp left you leave it to go over the sty on your right into the horse field and along a well trodden footpath back towards Sarratt.

You cross three meadows, usually populated by fine horses until you strike Moor Lane where you can take a left back up to the main road – The Green – which takes you (right again) back towards the village green and the Cricketers Pub who, with a polite phone call ahead, will draw you the refreshment you have earned to await your arrival.