To the good dogs and humans of Sarratt,
The weather had threatened to curtail our fun on Sunday 5th June for our Sarratt village dog show and picnic for the Jubilee. However, as it turned
out it was dry! Woo Hoo!

I’m not sure what I was looking forward to more, the dog show (guaranteed sausages!) or the picnic (opportunity to pick up some tasty tit bits from unaware picnickers). As the reigning champ, I entered the sausage catching contest for which I had been in training all my life. As always, the
competition was tough, however, I felt quietly confident. Actually I wasn’t that quiet, but you take the rough with the smooth with me. I flew through round after round as the competition was whittled down and the sausages kept flying. The final round pitted a beautiful spaniel with me. That reminds me, I need to get her number… She did exceptionally well but in the end I caught the final sausage as the crowd went wild. I am hoping to trot, with a belly full of sausages, into the Sarratt hall of fame for my achievements over the years. I would like to thank all of the wonderful organisers that made this day
such a joy. There are too many to name but a special bark out to Angela, Caroline, Niamh and Bridget.
Love and licks, Huxley