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Sarratt walkers ….

There are many things that make our village special and they come in many guises – our own brewery, no less than three great pubs, a well-stocked, community-run village shop and a mysterious link to John Le Carre’s spy school (more of this in another blog!) to name a...

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Sabre…. Best in Show – Speaks / Barks out!

Sabre... Best in Show on June 10th  – Speaks / Barks out! Following on from the amazing Village Day I am now looking to join a canine football team, or I could be a mascot for a human team; perhaps help with training?!  (Blue ball photo Whats App today) Other things...

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Sarratt Sun sizzles on…..

The hot sun is really having an impact on our countryside!!! Let us all be mindful to keep fires at bay.  We are in a high risk area surrounded by scorched fields. Our Firefighters are working all hours right now! Sarratt summer 2018!

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“Thank you Sarratt Cubs”

If you happen to take a stroll through the Sarratt allotment then do pause to take a look at the beautiful wild flowers that have grown up this summer.  A few months ago the Cubs put some time and effort into sowing the seeds. The fruit of their labour is wonderful to...

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“Every little helps!”

We, the Junior Journalists, are on a mission –a mission to raise money for our beloved school. Have you ever tried to load a website or log on to your email only to be shown the ghastly message, “Error?” Well, that is a daily occurrence at Sarratt School. Do you know...

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Sarratt School’s Sunny Sports Day!

Sarratt School’s Sport Day This week, Sarratt pupils participated in our annual sports day. The weather was a scorching 32˚ but the school still performed amazingly well, with the final scores going into the thousands. On Monday, it was the turn of Reception, Year 1...

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Have YOU seen online Spotlight yet???

If you would like to read the digital version of this months edition of Sarratt Spotlight.... then just click on Spotlight in the header section!! There are some great photos, by Kim at Buttercup photography.

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